Riding School

Horse Riding offers a great workout for both the mind and the body, physically boosting the cardiovascular system and easing stresses on the mind. Horse riding is recognised as having therapeutic qualities. The psychological benefits can be of equal importance to you as the physical benefits. In our modern society we are plagued by the fact that our children watch a lot of television, play a lot of computer games and therefore spend much of their time indoors. Simply being outdoors and enjoying the fresh air will boost your child’s general well being.

Horse riding as a sport also helps in creating a disciplined child, it is a sport that teaches self-discipline and can increase your child’s patience levels as well as help define their focus and control.

Why the attraction of kids to horses?

Is it the power and freedom a horse represents to a young child? Maybe. Or it could be the sheer fun of having a friend who is six feet tall. There are many reasons kids are attracted to horses and there are good reasons why we should introduce our children to the world of horses.

Horses keep kids active. With so many kids suffering from weight problems, parents are looking for ways to add healthy activity to a child’s life. Horseback riding may be the perfect remedy. Riding horses is good physical exercise and fun. It gets kids outdoors in the fresh air and in tune with nature.

In addition to physical exercise, horseback riding has great side benefits. Riding improves balance and coordination. As a child progresses in their skills they develop confidence and a sense of freedom.

Horseback riding can also be a great social sport. Many children take riding lessons together at stables.

Taking care of a horse teaches kids responsibility. Learning how to properly care and feed an animal prepares the child for caring for others.

Riding is fun. Give the child the knowledge and skill set to do well with a horse and you’ve given them a life-long hobby.

At the Heavenly Farm we cater to all levels of riders Starting from as young as 4 years and upwards. You are never too old to learn to ride as Heavenly’s oldest rider started at the age of 65 years when he retired and had never ridden before. He then went on to buy his own horse and enjoyed the joys of riding for many years afterwards.

We offer two options:

1. Lesson Contracts – receive discounts on your monthly lessons

2. Exclusivity Contracts ( My Pony Rental) – don’t want to share your school pony? An exclusivity contract means only you will ride your horse or pony during your lessons and to competitions.

How does it work?

My Pony Rental of R1500 per month and the unbelievable low cost of R150 per lesson!

Or not too fussy about who you ride? We have package deals to suit your needs

Fee Schedule:

1 lesson per week – R250 per lesson

2 lessons per week – R200 per lesson

3 lessons per week – R180 per lesson

Pricing for 2 or 3 lessons per week is subject to paying for a full month in advance.