Horse Leasing

Leasing a horse allows horse enthusiasts to experience the delight and responsibility of having a horse without the large initial investment. Leasing can be an excellent prerequisite if you’re seriously considering purchasing a horse.

“Horse ownership is a serious commitment of time, as well as money. By leasing, one is able to determine if they can make the commitment,” says Jackie De Lange Owner of Heavenly Stables.

Pony riding at Heavenly is focused on enabling children who do not own their own pony, not only the chance to learn how to ride, but to be able to care for and look after ponies while gaining confidence, experience and having a great time!

The type of horse you lease depends on what type of riding you will be doing, prospective owners can try different types of horses to decide which style/type/breed is best for them. After leasing a certain breed of horse, you may find that type of horse is not what you’re looking for especially if you will be showing the horse. “Taking lessons and leasing before buying is not only beneficial to the horse but also advantageous to the rider.”  

Another point to consider is whom you will be sharing the horse with if you’re entering into a shared lease agreement. Similar goals for the horse make for a better arrangement between both riders.

How much experience do you have with a horse? The capabilities of an older horse may suit the novice rider, but as you become more experienced and comfortable, the goals for the horse you’ve leased may change. Leasing should be an enjoyable learning and growing experience. The horse must be compatible to your abilities as a rider.

The temperament of a horse can make a big difference to an inexperienced rider. If you lease a horse with a good attitude, riding will be safe and fun. A horse that you are not able to handle can lead to a bad experience for both you and the horse.

My Pony Rental of R1500 per month and the unbelievable low cost of R150 per lesson!

Or not too fussy about who you ride? We have package deals to suit your needs