Meet the Ponies


Tessa is our favourite granny. Heavenly is very lucky to have both her sons Phoenix and Storm and even a grandson called Lightning. Her little family joined Jackie more than 5 years ago.
She loves small children and especially loves to play dress up.
Tessa is suitable for first time beginner and advanced riders.


Joined the heavenly family when she was just one. She was heavenly’s little baby for many years.
Growing up she loved to watch the ponies doing lessons and out rides and couldn’t wait to join the fun.
She has grown up to be a proper trail pony. When you climb on she can’t wait to share the walk with you. Making sure you are comfortable and safe.
Lacey is suitable for first time, beginner and advanced riders.


Just like Lacy, came to Heavenly as a foal with his mum Tessa. He is our teenage beach boy with the sweetest baby face.
Storm is suitable for beginner to advanced riders.

Katie Bree known as Katy:

Katy is perfect for beginner riders. She is keen to please and loves to walk on the shore. Katy is suitable for beginner to advanced riders. With a keen eye for show jumping, she is a star that loves to listen.

Just Jane:

Heavenly’s gentle giant.

Our laid back thoroughbred is a one in a million that reads his rider like a book. Fast or slow, you say, he goes. Suitable for all levels of rider.

Golden Crusader known as Cruz:

Heavenly’s gentleman, noble dignified and strong. Easy to ride. He likes to make sure that you are always having a good time. Cruz is suitable for beginner to advanced riders.


Mr walk about with a stunning stride. He is our own mister fantastic. He is one of our lead horses. He is a solid, confident and pretty boy. Samurai is for the medium to advanced rider.